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The ComNet is The Vast Empire's forum/message board system. It has all of your standard features and more are being added every so often according to user-requests and recommendations. It's features include
  • Smileys
  • Sticky Topics
  • Moderator/Administrator control
  • Impressive avatar templates
  • The ability to edit already-published posts
  • Topic/Post Search feature
  • A list-new-posts feature
  • A character-profile system
  • Online-members count
  • Newly-Registered User notice

Along with displaying your character's Gender and Species, the Profile page allows you to customize ComNet and make personal amendments to your own character profile. The following features are available to you:

1) Options: This portion of the profile allows you to customize ComNet's color (Original, Imperial Blue/Red/Green) and how many topics you want displayed after a set date. Example: Show Topics from the last 30 days

2) Avatar: The Avatar is the picture that is displayed when you post on ComNet. The picture you choose can be anything you wish; however, there are restrictions: no adult material (pornographic material)/swearing, and no pictures of Jedi/Sith if your intent is to display how your character looks like (members from our Dark Jedi Order are allowed to have such pictures).

You may choose your own picture or select a pre-made avatar from our various templates. Should you choose to create your own avatar, be sure that the picture is within the 100x120 pixel dimensions, and that the file type is either JPG or GIF.

3) Domain Cookies: "You have the option of setting a cookie so you don't have to keep logging back into the member pages. In order to remove this cookie, you will either need to logout or update your preferences... If your cookie setting is turned on while you log out, you will continue to retain your cookie settings after logging back into the site." 

Basically, by having cookies turned on, you do not need to re-enter passwords, Callsigns, etc.

4) Security Level: There are four security levels: None, Low, Medium, High.

"You have the option of changing the security level on your account. Only change this value if you are having trouble with logging out when you have cookies turned on. Use the highest security level that works best for you. The lower you go on your security level, the more chances you have of your account being compromised." 

Personally, I have mine set on Low because I had problems with staying logged on. Depending on your computer's firewalls or which browser you use, you may adjust the security level to your discretion and comfort.

5) Signature Preview: This displays what your signature will look like on your posts when you reply/create topics on ComNet.

6) Signature: Signatures are used for various things. Some people add quotes for their own personal enjoyment, but all members put their ID Lines here to display on ComNet. Your signature is limited to 10 lines max.

The Search feature on ComNet allows you to search for a topic that you cannot find. The Search feature gives you six options to help locate your post:

1) Search Words

2) Search Forum

3) Search In (Entire Message, etc.)

4) Search By Date

5) Search By Member

6) Search Options - search through the new posts

ComNet Organization/Navigation
ComNet is broken up into various pieces according to the different divisions. There are currently six different categories in ComNet:

1) Neutral Messages: This portion contains Main News, Lounge, Storyboard, Multiplayer Challenge board, Information, Leave Announcements, etc.

2) Stormtrooper Corps: This portion of the ComNet belongs to the Army - they may post all of their news, updates, and stories on these boards.

3) Imperial Navy: This portion belongs to our Imperial Navy - they may post all their news, updates, and stories on these boards.

4) Engineering Corps: This portion belongs to the Vast Empire Engineering Corps. These boards belong are reserved for our talented web designers, graphic artists, and game modders.

5) Dark Jedi Order (member restricted): This portion of the ComNet is dedicated to the members of the Dark Jedi Order. Only those in the Dark Jedi Order are able to see these boards.

6) Development: This board was established for test purposes.

If you find yourself not being able to see different parts of a division (storyboards, etc.) or an entire category altogether, this is due to the fact that some boards are member-restricted, and only those with membership to those specific divisions can access and view those boards.