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mIRC / Java Chat
IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. This is our primary means of communication (secondary means is our message board, ComNet). Some of our members <i>do use</i> the Java Chat mainly because it is easier to enter our chat room; however, mIRC is the recommended means due to the fact that it has many more features (such as Private Messaging, the ability to be in multiple channels at once, etc.).

You may download mIRC here.


mIRC Setup
Launch mIRC once you have finished installing the software. A small box informing you of a 30-day Trial Period will appear (mIRC is FREE, and you may continue to use the software even after the 30-day Trial Period) - simply click the Continue button. You will then be looking at a box titled mIRC Options. Type in the following information for the following text boxes: 

Full Name: Your Callsign
Email Address: Your Email Address
Nickname: Your Callsign
Alternative: An abbreviated version of your Callsign (example: My Callsign is Cosmic. My Alternate is Cos)

There is an icon of a small sun next to the Connect To Server button. Clicking the icon will change the appearence of the mIRC Options box slightly. Click the ADD button. A small box will pop up titled Add Server. Type in the following information for the following text boxes:

Description: StarWars
IRC Server: irc.vastempire.com
Port(s): 6667
Group: (Leave blank)
Password: (Leave blank)

Once you have filled these out, click the Add button. 

Your new StarWars server should now be listed in the IRC Server drop-down menu (it should already be selected - if it isn't simply access the drop-down menu and select it from the list). Once you have finished, click the small sun icon - you should now be back where you started (Full Name, Email Address, etc.). Click the Connect To Server button. You will see various text messages show up as the server is being accessed. There are two scenarios that will happen. Select the scenario that fits your situation.

Scenario 1: A box titled mIRC Favorites pops up: If this box pops up, simply click Add and a small box titled Add Channel will pop up. Type in the following information for the text boxes:

Channel: #vast_empire
Password: leave blank
Description: Vast Empire
Folder: leave blank
Networks: All Networks
Join On Connect: Check the box
Minimize on Join: Do not check the box

Now Click the OK.

Be sure it is selected before clicking Join.

Scenario 2: No box pops up: If a box does not pop up, you must click the icon near the top of the screen that has a yellow folder with the #+ signs. Once you have clicked this icon, a box titled mIRC Favorites will pop up. In the text-box area, type in the following: #vast_empire     Now click the Add button. Be sure that the #vast_empire channel is selected before clicking on the Join button.

You should now be in our channel (#vast_empire). We usually have an average of 18+ people on there every day, so you should no be confused as to whether or not you are in the correct channel.

Basic mIRC Commands
/me action - This command allows you to somewhat role-play within the channel. If an individual with the callsign of John wanted to wave to someone, he may simply type in /me waves. This will give the following result: John waves

/nick name - This command allows you to change your name while in the channel. If John wanted to change his name to Steve, he would type /nick Steve and would get the following result: John is now known as Steve

/join channel-name - This allows you to join another channel. If you wanted to join the channel #Starwars, you would type: /join #Starwars

/help - Typing this brings up a mIRC Help box which a list of contents that will help you discover more commands as well as answer any questions you may have.

Java Chat
To use our Java Chat, simply click the Java Chat link under Logistics. Once you have read and agreed to our rules and Code of Conduct, click the Agree button. A box will pop up asking you if you trust the applet. Click Yes or Always. The following information should already be filled out once it has fully loaded: 

Nickname: Your Callsign
Channel: Vast_Empire
Server Name: irc.vastempire.com

Click Connect Now! and you will enter our main chat room.