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Online Roster
The Online Roster is the location where you may view your division's Command Structure, hierarchy, and Squads. It is here that you may look at which Squad you have been assigned to, who your Squad Leader is, and who your fellow Squad Members are. As a member of The Vast Empire, you are not limited to just the Stormtrooper Corps roster alone - you may take a peak at the Navy roster as well as the High Council roster. There are certain rosters (Dark Jedi Order / Engineering Corps) that you will not be able to view due to those divisions having member-restricted access.

To view the Stormtrooper Corps (Army) roster, simply go to the main site and click on the Online Roster link under the Resources category. You will be directed to a page that allows you to choose which division roster you'd like to view. Click the Roster link under the Stormtrooper Corps category.

Roster Features
The Roster is set up to show the Command Structure of the Army: superior officers/positions located at the very top of the roster and the ranks / position-levels decrease from there. You may read about all of the positions, ID lines, etc. in the Army Manual. The manual's link is located under the Army Navigation category on the left menu.

High Command - The High Command contains the following positions:

  • Prefect of the Army
  • Executive Officer
  • Commander of Training
  • Tactical Officer
  • Commander of Development

The individuals in the Army High Command physically take the reigns and lead the Army division. The duties of each position are as follows:

Prefect of the Army (PRF) - Army Prefect is the highest position attainable. This officer has worked his way up from a trooper and has proven that he or she is capable of leading more than a squad or platoon, but the entire division. While the Prefect does not direct at a squad level, he or she guides the higher enlisted men and the lower officers typically in charge of squads and platoons to shape the Army indirectly. The Prefect's monthly pay is 500000 IC

Executive Officer (AXO) - The Army Executive Officer is the second in command of the Army. His/Her duties are numerous, including: updating the roster, keeping track of squad reports, and most times making the weekly division report. The Army Executive Officer's monthly pay is 250000 IC

Commander of Training (CoT) - The Commander of Training commands... training. This officer trains recruits, Squad Leader hopefuls, and officers. The person in this position gives the first impression on our recruits as he/she keeps in contact with them until they pass their training. The Commander of Training's monthly pay is 100000 IC

Tactical Officer (TO) - The Tactical Officer is the strategist and the individual who makes all of the fun stuff for people to play with: web pages, images, campaign stories, and game mods - the Tactical Officer covers it all. The Tactical Officer's monthly pay is 100000 IC

Commander of Development (CoD) - TBA

High Command Assistants - The individuals holding these positions assist the Army High Command with their various tasks. If, for example, the Prefect of the Army was working on a decent-sized task, the Prefect of the Army Assistant would be able to assist him/her with their task.

You will also note that within the High Command Assistants category is a group titled the Recruiting Staff. These individuals have volunteered to take on this job (they receive an additional paycheck for their duties) to help recruit more people into our club. If you are interested in such a job and would like more information about what it entails, feel free to contact the Commander of Training, Brigadier General Cosmic. Be sure to include your Callsign in the email.

Support Ships - These are the Army's support ships. They help pave the way through enemy Naval forces, as well as bombard planet surfaces and act as troop transports to designated locations.

Dominion - This is the Army's Victory-Class Star Destroyer (VSD). This vessel carries the following equipment: 12 TIE/d Droid Starfighters, 1xImperial Garrison (pre-fabricated).

Scythe - This is the Army's Modified Corvette (MC). This vessel carries the following equipment: 6 R-41 Starchaser Fighters, 2 Hentrenar Bombers.

Hierarchy - The Command Structure / Hierarchy of the Army goes as follows (from highest to lowest):

  • Regiments
  • Battalions
  • Companies
  • Platoons
  • Squads

Regiments - The Army currently has one regiment: Osiris.

Batallions - The Army currently has one battalion: Dragon.

Companies - The Army currently has one company: Phoenix.

Platoons - The Army has two Platoons: WildCard and Storm.

Squads - The Army has a total of 9 squads. 7 of which are in the two Platoons and 2 are independant:

Iron Horse - Reconnaissance
Dark Dragoons - Mechanized Infantry
Raiders - Multi-Environment Infantry
Wraith - Special Operations

Jester - Armor (Reconnaissance)
Lancer - Close Combat Operations
Nightstalkers - Mobile Infantry


Drill Squad - Infantry

Experienced Special Forces

Advanced Recon Commandos (ARC)

Roster Features


This icon, when clicked, will allow you to send an email to the individual linked with this icon.

This icon allows you to view the profile of the individual it is linked to.

Your Profile - While you are viewing your division's roster, you can click on the Edit Profile link on the left to amend your character's profile. Your profile contains the following features:

Members Name: Displays your Callsign

Last Login: Displays the last time you have logged in

Email: Type in your email here (you may amend this as many times as you want, but you must also inform your superiors of your email change)

ID Line: You may add your ID line here (for info on ID Lines, refer to the Army Manual's ID Lines section)

Webpage: If you have a personal web site, you may add that link here (Note that you may not add any web site containing adult / explicit / pornographic material)

ICQ: If you wish for others to see your ICQ number, enter it here.

AIM Nick: There are many individuals on the web that use America Online. This section is to allow you to make known your own AIM Nick.

Salary: This field shows you the total amount of Imperial Credits (ICs) you make per month. To see exactly what areas you are receiving monthly payments from, click on the (...) link.

Balance: This field shows what your current balance is in the First Galactic Bank.

Recruited: If you have recruited any individuals (and had them select your name from the Recruited By list on the Join Application), that individual's Callsign will appear here, giving you credit for recruiting that particular individual.

Games Owned: This displays the list of what games you own.

Add Game: If you wish to add a game to the Games Owned list, simply select one of the games from the drop-down menu. The games on the list are the platforms we currently accept.

Purchases: Once you have ventured into the Imperial Center Store and made a purchase, your purchase will appear in list-format here.

Biography: You may post your character's biography in this text box. Note that you must use HTML for line breaks, bold/italics/underlined text, etc.