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Welcome to the Stormtrooper Corps, Private. The Stormtrooper Corps is The Vast Empire's ground forces - its Army. In terms of ground units, we are the first and last line of defense - depending on which Squad you have been assigned to, you may arrive earlier or later in combat. Before you can even set foot on the battlefield, however, you must complete Basic Training to help orient you with our we operate. The important information you must review is the following (click the links under the Basic Training category to the left to get an in-depth description of each subject):
  • mIRC / Java Chat
  • ComNet
  • Code of Conduct

The mIRC / Java Chat (mIRC recommended) is our primary means of real-time communication. Log onto our channel in order to participate in our group discussions, one-to-one conversations, and up-to-date information on the latest news and details. It is also the quickest means of answering your questions.

The ComNet is our online forum / message board. It is here that we post all of our news updates and division reports. Your Squad will have its own topic within the Army Main ComNet to post their individual squad-related updates and details. ComNet is considered, in my personal opinion, the 2nd-best means of communication and obtaining information (mIRC being the 1st means). In some ways, however, ComNet may be the better source to refer to when looking for specific answers.

The Code of Conduct is to be abided by all individuals. The CoC was established to keep order on both ComNet and mIRC. Reading it is a must in order to prevent yourself from falling into a situation that results in you breaking one or more of the rules outlined in the CoC.

Be sure to check your email often for information about how to begin your career in the Stormtrooper Corps and how to complete Basic Training.

Welcome to The Vast Empire Stormtrooper Corps.

Major General Cosmic
Commander of Training
Drill Squad Leader
CoT/BG Cosmic/HCA-3/SL/Drill/Tadath/VEA/VE